VDMA: Stable economy in Surface Technology


Surface Technology is used as a typical cross-sectional technology in many parts of the manufacturing industry up to the trade. The broad-based industry is currently experiencing a stable economy.

Frankfurt, June 04, 2018 - Thanks to high demand - especially from abroad - the Surface Technology companies expect sales to increase by 4 percent in 2018. New products and package solutions provide positive impulses. The foreign production of the company's subsidiaries is also gaining in importance. By 2017, production growth in the industry had already exceeded 10 percent.

Guntram Preuß, economic expert of the VDMA Air-Handling Technology, presented the latest industry figures in the fields of Painting Technology, Blasting Technology and Industrial Plasma Surface Technology at the general meeting of members of the VDMA Surface Technology Association. As a classic cross-sectional technology, it is used in a wide variety of areas, such as the automotive industry, the plastics and furniture industries and in the trade.

Exports grew strongly by 10% in 2017. Deliveries to the two most important customer countries China and the USA also showed double-digit growth. By contrast, exports to EU countries in 2017 remained slightly below the previous year's level. Exports to Russia increased at a low level by around a third. Within Latin America, Mexico stands out with an increase of 10 percent. Exports to Turkey, on the other hand, are down by around a quarter. The companies report that India remains a very difficult market.

The topic of energy efficiency continues to offer companies good sales opportunities. The industry's activities are being held back by increased international trade barriers. The high demand leads to supply bottlenecks at suppliers as well as rising material prices, for example for steel. Sometimes this leads to longer delivery times. Delays in construction planning are also increasing on the customer side, making on-time deliveries more difficult. In addition, the industry complains about a shortage of skilled workers and rising personnel costs.



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